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  • cylinder uv printer
  • cylinder uv printer
  • cylinder uv printer
cylinder uv printercylinder uv printercylinder uv printer

cylinder uv printer

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  • cylinder uv printer
  • mugs uv printer
  • bottle uv printer
  • Product description: this bottle uv printer is just customized logo or picture on your cylinder products. mugs uv printer, bottle uv printer are just one of our cylinder uv printers.

Features of HC-E615

1.Easy  to  operation: no need to plate and repeat the color matching process.

2. Printing speed: high speed printing is suitable for industrial batch production.

3. Overcome the limitation of materials: print any medium in the thickness,

overcome the traditional printing method that can only use special paper and special specifications.

4. Automatic cleaning system: according to the choice of consumers , the printing

heads can be automatically cleaned in various modes of cycle to prevent nozzle blockage.

5. Not affected by the material: image printing can be done on various rigid and flexible surface with rich colors.

6. High precision perfect printing: highly restore the output image effect,to achieve the quality of the photo.

The image is waterproof, sunscreen, and wear-resistant.

7. Rough surface and bevel printing: it can overcome the thickness deviation of raw materials of up to 5mm,

showing perfect printing effect.

8. Use non-VOC environmental friendly UV curing ink: clear and perfect printing quality, no bias color,

no mixing color,waterproof,wear-resistant.

9. Personalized printing: very suitable for mobile phone shell, ring buckle,and other personalized color printing.

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