Small UV printer

  • 6090 cylinder uv printer
  • 6090 cylinder uv printer
  • 6090 cylinder uv printer
6090 cylinder uv printer6090 cylinder uv printer6090 cylinder uv printer

6090 cylinder uv printer

  • 6090UV
  • Print head:EPSON E615
  • Ink color:CMYKLcLm+WW
  • Printing speed:5㎡/H
  • Product description: Tthis is smart Uv flatbed printer with two functions, which can print on cylinder products and also flat products. It's a super smart one in UV printer

Features of HC-6090

1.Easy  to  operation: no need to plate and repeat the color matching process.

2. Printing speed: high speed printing is suitable for industrial batch production.

3. Overcome the limitation of materials: print any medium in the thickness,

overcome the traditional printing method that can only use special paper and special specifications.

4. Automatic cleaning system: according to the choice of consumers , the printing

heads can be automatically cleaned in various modes of cycle to prevent nozzle blockage.

5. Not affected by the material: image printing can be done on various rigid and flexible surface with rich colors.

6. High precision perfect printing: highly restore the output image effect,to achieve the quality of the photo.

The image is waterproof, sunscreen, and wear-resistant.

7. Rough surface and bevel printing: it can overcome the thickness deviation of raw materials of up to 5mm,

showing perfect printing effect.

8. Use non-VOC environmental friendly UV curing ink: clear and perfect printing quality, no bias color,

no mixing color,waterproof,wear-resistant.

9. Personalized printing: very suitable for mobile phone shell, ring buckle,and other personalized color printing.

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