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A solution to the plugging of UV flat printer nozzle

Users who have used a UV flat printer may be able to remember the phenomenon that printing head plugging often occurs after a period of time when the weather is too high or too low in summer or winter.How to solve this problem?

The blockage of inkjet printer can be roughly divided into two categories:soft plugging and hard blocking.

1.soft clogging

Soft plugging refers to the failure of ink on the sprinkler due to various reasons.If only attached to the nozzle of the nozzle surface,you can turn on the machine flicker setting,the 8Hz to 1K,let its flash 2 minutes later back to 8HZ,after a number of flash can be restored.Its advantages are easy operation,quick and no physical damage.The disadvantage is that the cost is higher and more wasteful ink.

Another way is to use the print head cleaning function in the printer application tool to clean.Its advantages are simple and quick operation,and the disadvantage is that the cleaning effect is not very satisfactory.

2.Hard clogging

The hard colgging refers to the blockage caused by chemical coagulants or impurities in the nozzle.The troubleshooting method is more difficult.At this time,the following two methods can be used to solve the problem.

2.1 Pressure method

Scope of application:lower hindrance

Essential tools:concentration 95% alcohol,a clean cup,a metal container with flat bottom.

Working principle:dissolve the ink particles one by one with medium strength organic solvents.Note that 95% concentration of organic solvent alcohol must be used,otherwise it will backfire.

Solution:first find a metal container with a flat bottom and add a little 95% concentration of organic solvent alcohol to the container,and the alcohol is limited to the stainless steel edge of the printing head(notice that the main plate of the nozzle is not exposed to alcohol).The soaking time is usually 5 to 15 minutes The syringe is injected into the print head to achieve the purpose of cleaning up the dry ink head.

2.2 Ultrasonic instrument cleaning

Scope of use:serious congestion

Working principle:use ultrasonic cleaning agent to produce strong ultrasonic wave,make the water molecules vibrate violently,and then dissolve the small dry ink particles to dissolve in water,so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Solution:put the inkjet print head gently into the cleaning machine and add a special printing head cleaning solution.The cleaning solution is limited to the stainless steel edge of the printing head(attention should not let the main board contact the special cleaning liquid).The advantage is that the cleaning effect is very ideal,the printing head which has been blocked for many years can be cleaned,and the operation is very simple.The disadvantage is that the maintenance cost is high and the cost is more expensive.

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