How to prevent UV printers spray head from blockage

1. When a sudden power failure occurs,the nozzle can not be properly homing,it is necessary to wait until the power supply voltage is stable and then turn it on again,and the nozzle can be normally used after normal return.This is because the special ink used in the printer has the characteristics of quick drying,in order to prevent the nozzle portion of the print head from being exposed to the air during printing idle,causing the ink concentration to increase and drying up,thereby causing clogging.

2. Because the inks for UV inkjet printers has the influence of volatility and environmental factors,long-term use will cause blockage of the nozzle,so even if you do not use it for a long time,you should start the test every other day.This is because after each normal boot,the printer will start flashing according to its internal settings,and automatically clean the print head according to its length.The purpose is also to prevent the nozzle from being blocked due to long-term use without being blocked.

3.  When the ink is used up,add ink in time.Because if you do not add ink in time,it will easily cause the nozzle to dry up and block or even scrap.

4. Customize different printing methods.Save ink by choosing to use different ink cartridges,media type,self-adjusting print density,custom print mode

5. In order to effectively prevent the ink cartridge from being exposed to the air for a long time,it may cause dry plugging.When the printer is not in use,the nozzle should be cleaned and wrapped with plastic wrap to isolate tech nozzle from the air to protect the nozzle.

6.Clean the print heads regularly.When cleaning,use high-quality wet wipes or cotton-free towels as much as possible until the print test strip is clear and complete.

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