After Sale Service
Dear Customers:
Firstly thank you so much for choosing Hengcheng!
To offer you a satisfied and comprehensive service, please read this page and keep your Warranty Card well.
This is only for UV flatbed printers manufactured by Hengcheng.

The service methods are as bellows:
1.Guide instructions: According to the guide instructions to solve some regular errors.
2.Email: When there are some problems with the machine, you could send an email to us, we will reply to you as soon as possible.
3.Telephone: Contact with the foreign trade department, Hengcheng will provide solutions freely.
4.Video: Contact with the foreign trade department of Hengcheng firstly, we will instruct and manipulate for you by using modern network technology.

Foreign Trade Department:
Belinda Tong: 0086-13823171556

Contact Us

Contact: Belinda Tong

Phone: 0086-13823171556

Tel: 0086-13823171556

Company: HC UV flatbed printer

Add: Floor 1-3, Building 1#, Middle of Puxin Area,Xinlian , Longgang,Shenzhen

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