1、Leading the foreign market department to explore the international market actively,contact the foreign customers,seeking for the order,leading the business negotiations and sign the contract.
2.Responsible for the trade orders which contains discuss,sign a contract,examination of documents,order management,shipping,customs and exchange collection.
3.The assessment,tracking,management and risk control of the orders.
4.Foreign trade business process management and risk management.
5.Responsible for the production and supply,the tracking for the inspection of goods and commodity inspection and customs declaration,dealing with the problems in every parts on time.
6.The managements of the customers’data,ensure the timely feedback of the customer’requirements.
7.Properly deal with the emergency accidents in the process of the implementation of the contract.
8.Responsible for the cultivation and guidance of subordinate salesman.
9.Finsih the temporary job assigned by the general manager.
1.College degree or above,economic management or markring and other related field.
2.Over 26 years old,fluently oral Chinese and English,more than 3 years work experiences of foreign trade business management.
3.Strong analytical,marketing and promotion capability,rich experience in marketing network and cost management.
4.Good interpersonal communication,negotiation ability, analysis with problem-solving ability.
5.Rigorous work attitude,honesty and integrity,strong work planed and has forward thinking.
6.Have a strong sense of professionalism and with determinate leadership.
7.Foreigners:Americans preferred.
Foreign Trade Sales
1.Uploading the company product to alibaba or other B2B platform with high effiency and quality.
2.Maintain and manage the alibaba shop by the company.
3.Developing clients and actively seeking the clients with company palrform or other platform.
4.Inquiry or reply the email,track the customers,communicate, negotiate and fight for the orders.
5.Maintence old customers,sorting and filing related files of work.
6.To complete the work assigned by company.
1.Fluently oral Chinese and English
2.Give priority to those who have more than one year foreign trade bussiness experience,familiar with the operation process of Alibaba or other B2B or B2C partform.
3.Love study and be willing to try the challenging work,have confidience to know the company business and product in a short time,indenpendly deal with the correspondence with customers and receipt the foreign customers.
4.Strong interpersonal communication and communication skills,can independently develop new customers.
5.Foreign nationals priority.
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