Corporate culture

Our Objective: Customer first; Service best; win-win strategy.
Our Desire: Endeavor to become the leader of flatbed print industry, try to build a fair, justice and harmonious atmosphere of the industry and help it grow in a healthy way.
Our Mission: Honestly serve the customers with great enthusiasm. strive for perfection and try to manufacture non-flaw machine.
Our Ideas:
1)Honest: What we’ve promised must be done.
2)Innovate: Keep pace with times, to explore and to innovate.
3)Workers: Hard-working, careful and motivated.
4)Harmony: Join hands together and to cooperate.
5)Safety: People-oriented and safety first. 
6)Quality: Improve continuously and make the product flawless. 
Our management:
Team work, scientific management!
So that each employee to play their greatest role!

Contact Us

Contact: Belinda Tong

Phone: 0086-13823171556

Tel: 0086-13823171556

Company: HC UV flatbed printer

Add: Floor 1-3, Building 1#, Middle of Puxin Area,Xinlian , Longgang,Shenzhen

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